In San Diego there are many different available options to people who are in need of a good ophthalmologist. Here are some comments that we have received online about our practice:

"Dr Alborzian is absolutely amazing! I thought doctors with his type of patient care went out along with full service gas stations... He takes as much time with you, you feel like you're his only patient. Never much of a wait for your appointment either. And, as for the quality of the care, I had a large pterigium removed. I was so nervous about the procedure being painful. Dr Alborzian spent so much time explaining each and every step of the procedure, I really felt so comfortable. The surgery was painless, and my vision was restored in only a day or two. I'm so glad I found him. His staff is second to none as well as is the whole Scripps La Jolla Hospital system that is also a part of his team. My hat's off to you! Thank you so very much for all you've done for me. Oh, and yes, I'd highly recommend him!"

- Jeff M.

"Dr. Alborzian is very professional, highly knowledgeable and educated doctor that I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of doctors due to my very complicated eye disease. He was able to recognize and treat my very complicated case with lot of integrity and experience. I introduce doctor to my friends and relatives who are very satisfied and happy with results. I will highly recommend to visit Dr. Alborzian."

- Elena & Greg B.

"Dear Dr. Alborzian, I am very bless to have a doctor like you. Doctor you do not know how bless I am, that I can read better see better. I thank the lord for given you the tools that you needed for my eye surgery, and your 2 good hands. With the help of Rafail he was the one that was guarding you and the lord at your side during my eye surgery. Now I can see my children and grand children faces and smile. Now I can knit the blanket and slippery for my grandchild. Dr. you have a very wonderful staff they are very kind and very helpful, you are bless. I thank you for your support on my cancer surgery. God bless you. You are an angel."

- Mrs. C.

"Dear Dr. Alborzian, Please thank Edylin in your office for faxing my mother's extensive medical records right after we requested them this week. It was very helpful of her. And thank you for the wonderful care you provided to my mom - getting her through two cataract procedures and one canaloplasty was a significant accomplishment, and we appreciate your patience, expertise, and kindness very much. If you ever find yourself in Atlanta in search of a home-cooked meal, let me know. All best wishes"

- M.G.

"Dr. Alborzian is very sympathetic and understanding of your condition and does his best to help you. Don't hold off getting your eyes checked any longer and pay him a visit."

- Svetlana K.

"Me and my wife recently had LASIK surgery with Dr. Alborzian, and we've been very pleased with the results. The surgery was fairly quick and easy, and Dr. Alborzian was great at explaining the procedure and guiding us through it. He made sure we were comfortable, was very thorough with the pre-operation checkup, and addressed all of our concerns. It's really amazing how easy it is to achieve such great vision with such a simple procedure. We've had a few follow-up appointments, where he made sure that everything is going well, and our recovery has been great with no major problems. I would definitely recommend him."

- Diego F.

"Dr. Alborzian and his staff were great!! I originally wanted Lasik as opposed to PRK, Dr. Alborzian suggested PRK over lasik due to the tests involved & my profession. I am very glad I listened to his professional advice! Healing time for PRK is a little longer, but sooo worth it! I had this procedure done in May, and I'm now seeing 20/15. Dr. Alborzian & his staff are very caring! I will recommend him to my friends & family!!"

- April D.

"I had PRK with Dr. Alborzian. He is awesome. Actually he recommended PRK to me instead of LASIK based on my eyes' condition. PRK is extremely painful. Luckily Dr. Alborzian prepared me for that and he was always accessible. For anyone who's going to take PRK, remember that lubricating will greatly relieve your pain after the surgery. I had my surgery at the end of July and my eyesight recovered very well. Thanks, Dr. Alborzian!"

- Adele Y.

"I had LASIK with Dr. Alborzian last month, and have been very pleased with the results, as well as with Dr. Alborzian as a whole. He answered all my questions leading up to the procedure thoroughly and with care, and has continued to be very helpful through my follow up exams. 5 stars, highly recommended."

- Chis K.

"Can I give him 10 stars? I just had my LASIK procedure done yesterday and I just came home from my follow up appointment. Today was the first time in my life I drove without my glasses or contact lens. It felt amazing. Thanks to Dr. Alborzian to his dedication to his excellence in patient care, my procedure went very well. I lost count of how many times he examined my eyes, thoroughly, before my procedure, and that was reassuring. I know I was in good hands.

As a registered nurse myself I have to say, when it comes to choosing the right doctor, it is very important that you choose one who CARES. (Trust me, I have seen many many doctors who have years of experience but they do not care about their patients) Dr. Alborzian called me in person the day before the procedure for any last minute burning questions and he called me at the end of his day after my procedure was done(at 530PM!!!). You want to know how often I see doctors do that for their hospitalized patients? Almost never.

I can't thank Dr. Alborzian enough for all he did. For those of you considering any kind of eye procedure, Lasik, canaloplasty, glaucoma surgery, etc., he's the person you should go to!!"

- Felicity F.

"I had LASIK surgery about 6 weeks ago and it feels amazing not to need contact lenses or glasses anymore. The doctor explained the procedure before the surgery and guided me throughout it, which made what I thought would be a scary procedure quite comfortable and quick. The day after the surgery I went to my follow-up appointment and I had 20/20 vision! The doctor was concerned about my eyes being dry and recommended drops/ointment, and they have significantly improved since. Overall, this has been a great experience; Dr. Alborzian and his staff have been excellent at easing the process of getting perfect vision!"

- Frances G.

"I am a 51 year old dentist being treated for glaucoma several years with topical drops. When the Drops stopped working I was given oral meds which were also inadequate in keeping my pressure down. Trabeculectomy surgery was then recommended to me. After I researched the Trabeculectomy surgery I discovered why my Ophthalmologist was reluctant to recommending it in the past.

To cut a hole in my eye and hope it... to stay open seemed like such an archaic procedure. I asked a friend who is an optometrist if there were any other choices and he said I should look into Canaloplasty. After doing my due diligence I was convinced Canaloplasty is far superior to the old procedure. Practicing dentistry for 24 years has taught me the risks with new procedures but after my research I had no doubt canaloplasty was clinically proven to be safe and effective. My next step was to find a competent surgeon. Once again I did my research and I found Dr. Alborzian. I couldn't be happier about my treatment. My pressure is controlled and I don't have to live with a surgically created hole in my eye."

- Pat.

"I recently had LASIK eye surgery performed by Dr. Alborzian at the Eye Center of La Jolla. From my initial consultation through the surgery and follow-up appointments I was thoroughly impressed. Dr. Alborzian firmly believes the importance of a trusting doctor-patient relationship and I found this to be the case every step of the way. The exam was thorough, he explained all my options and kept me informed of everything that was to be done. By the time the day of my surgery arrived I was so confidant in Dr. Alborzian's skill and experience I had no hesitation or anxiety whatsoever. I just had one of my follow-up check ups today and my vision is 20/15. It is truly remarkable to wake up every day and see things clearer than I have in the last 35 years! There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to eye care - and know that it doesn't get any better than the Eye Center of La Jolla. Dr. Alborzian and his staff have my highest recommendation."

- Daniel K.

"I had a PRK procedure done in December. Dr. Alborzian recommended this due to my corneas being as thin as they are. I appreciated that he was not a risk taker when it came to my eyes, and he genuinely cared enough that he gave me his personal number in case I had any problems. The first couple of days were painless until the contacts covering my exposed corneas had to be removed due to the dryness and irritation. The next 2 days after that did come with a bit of pain until everything healed up. He checked up on me everyday even weekends to see if I needed anymore pain meds, etc. I would recommend Dr. Alborzian to anyone, he really for a the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. 2 months later and I'm seeing great and have no complaints."

- Tim A.

"Hello Dr. Murphy, God Bless you with a long and healthy retirement. You have made a great choice in Dr. Alborzian. I am a Registered Nurse in Boston MA, who has had the pleasure of working with Dr. Alborzian. He is a physician from the heart, he truly delivers top quality care in a professional, kind and caring way. Best of Luck to you both"

- Susan Furlong