Keratometry is a process which is used to measure the curvature of the cornea. We perform Keratometry using a device known as a keratometer or ophthalmometer. No special preparation is required on the part of the patient for a keratometry session, and the procedure is typically painless. In a keratometry procedure, the keratometer is used to measure the degree of curvature in the cornea, looking for the shallowest and steepest curves.

At La Jolla Eye Center our keratometers utilize computers and optical sensors, rather than forcing the doctor to make calculations, and the computer can compare the patient's cornea with a database of known measurements and typical norms for greater accuracy. Ultimately, numbers will be produced so that the keratometry data can be recorded in the patient's chart for evaluation and discussion.

The main reasons we perform keratometry is to check a patient's astigmatism, a vision problem caused by irregularities in the shape and curvature of the cornea, and to determine the degree of the astigmatism. With the numbers from the keratometer, Dr. Alborzian can determine which options are available to correct the astigmatism so that the patient can see more clearly. Keratometers can also be used to look for irregularities in corneal shape between the eyes.