Reclaim the Vision of Your Youth with RLE

Is your vision suffering as you age? Are you tired of needing reading glasses because of presbyopia? Are you afraid the cloudiness from cataracts is going to rob you of your sight?

You are not alone.

As you age, your eyes will be affected by presbyopia (age-related difficulty seeing near objects) and/or cataracts (a clouding of your eyes' natural lens). There is a remedy: refractive lens exchange (RLE) or cataract surgery with lens implants.

Get a Vision "Lift" with Refractive Lens Exchange

Our patients that choose to do this elective procedure, experience a total middle-life vision “lift.” After the RLE procedure, most patients tell us they feel completely rejuvenated.

These RLE patients find themselves resuming activities that they loved to do, but had subconsciously abandoned because of their difficulty focusing at near. Now, this former near blur is a non-issue for the patients. In addition to freeing themselves from their reliance on glasses for near activities, these patients will never develop a cataract in the future because the natural lens has been removed.

If you have abandoned activities that you love because of failing near vision or if you want to win freedom from your reading glasses, call our office at (858) 457-2220 to set up a detailed consultation to see if you are a candidate for this refractive lens exchange.

This Quick Procedure Frees You from Your Reading Glasses

Using the same technique used to remove a cataract, we remove the natural lens material and implant a multifocal or accommodative Intraocular Lense (IOL) in the capsule of the lens. This is completed in a quick, 10 to 15-minute topical anesthetic procedure.

Typically, no sutures are required, which allows you to begin a new visual life within one to two days. You will have clear vision simultaneously at distance and up close without reaching for a pair of reading glasses.

Learn more about the IOLs available at Eye Center of La Jolla.

Are You a Good Candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange?

The best candidates for refractive lens exchange procedures have mild to moderate:

  • Cataracts
  • Nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Are 50 years of age or older
  • Are in good shape physically
  • Have healthy corneas
IOL placement is also suitable for higher prescriptions. After you receive a thorough eye exam, Dr. Alborzian can advise you if RLE is a suitable treatment for you.

To find out if you are a good candidate for refractive lens exchange, call Eye Center of La Jolla today at (858) 457-2220.

Find Out if Refractive Lens Exchange Is Right for You

To learn more about the refractive lens exchange procedure offered to our San Diego-area patients, contact Eye Center of La Jolla today and schedule a consultation.

Don't let your age determine the quality of your vision. Make a change for the better with refractive lens exchange.