LASIK Recovery Time - After LASIK Surgery

An overwhelming majority of patients after LASIK experience a life that is no longer burdened by glasses, contact lenses or corrective lenses of any kind. LASIK recovery is brief with minimal time between the procedure and when the patient sees with clear vision. They have the vision they once had or had always hoped to have.

A recent review of international research, shows that nearly 96 percent of LASIK patients are satisfied with the outcome of their eye surgery recovery and results. Recovery periods are far shorter for LASIK patients when compared with patients undergoing other procedures. PRK or LASEK have longer recoveries than LASIK because no flap is created with these other procedures.

Expected Results After LASIK Surgery

You should expect to see significantly better without glasses immediately following your LASIK procedure. During the post-operative healing period after LASIK, it is not unusual for LASIK patients to occasionally experience sensitivity to light, blurred and/or fluctuating vision, glare, halos around lights and poor night vision. With the new iLASIK cutom procedure these effects are temporary in most cases. The LASIK recovery period is typically brief, lasting only a few weeks.

Possible Side Effects During LASIK Recovery

Some people experience varying degrees of dry eyes immediately after a LASIK procedure and this common side effect can last several weeks or even months after vision correction surgery. As everyone's eyes heal differently, your post-operative recovery after LASIK surgery may be quick and uneventful, or you may experience LASIK side effects and slower healing than the average patient. Not wearing your contact lenses and relying on glasses for the several weeks before the procedure may help with the recovery and lessen the chances of dryness after LASIK.

Dr. Alborzian always performs a number of follow-up exams after your procedure to monitor your progress and evaluate your vision and eye health. It is very important to follow your doctor's recommendations during this follow-up period to increase your odds of a successful LASIK outcome.

Post-Operative Instructions After LASIK Surgery

Your post-operative period is just as important, and the future days of recovery and your cooperation will determine how well on target our results will end up! Make sure to read these post-operative instructions carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Following Your Procedure:

  2. AVOID getting any water into your eye(s), including water from the shower, hot tubs, the swimming pool, and the ocean.
  3. Do not use any eye makeup for one to two weeks following the procedure.
  4. If you develop redness, decreasing vision, severe pain, or discharge (pus), you should contact Dr. Alborzian immediately at (858) 457-2220 and have him paged.
  5. On the day of your surgery, it is best to refrain from prolonged periods of reading. Rest your eye(s) by going to sleep. Have an early dinner and go to bed early.
  6. You may resume all normal activities at your convenience. It would be best to refrain from vigorous physical activity that causes increased sweating and perspiration for the first 2 weeks to decrease chances of an infection.
  7. Wear the plastic shield guards over the eye(s) at bedtime with tape for 1 week.
  8. You can also take Advil, 2 pills by mouth every 4 hours on a full stomach for any mild pain you may experience.

    Eye Drops:

  9. Begin you post-operative drops as soon as you arrive home.
    • ** Shake drops well**
      **Wait 3-5 minutes between eye drops**

      a) Antibiotic eye drops ---------ONE drop 4 times a day for 2 weeks. b) Steroid eye drops -------ONE drop 4 times per day for 2 weeks. (we may change these based on your recovery) c) Artificial tears every 1-2 hours as needed for discomfort/pain
  10. Wear your eye shield when you nap or sleep for a minimum of 7 nights.
  11. It is very important to wear sunglasses when you are outside.