Surfer's Eye? Look Younger and Healthier with Pterygium Surgery

Clear Your Surfer's Eye with Pterygium Surgery

Have you noticed a growth in your eye that may be uncomfortable and distracting? If so, you may have a pterygium, a slightly raised, superficial growth that covers the white part of the eye and extends onto the cornea and could blur your vision and/or cause red eyes. This is condition is more common among aging surfers and is why it is commonly known as surfer's eye.

It is believed that these lesions affect those who:

  • Have extended exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun (outdoor workers, surfers, etc.)
  • Live in dry, windy, smoky, or dusty climates
These growths are often harmless and can usually be treated with topical eye drops. However, the drops may not be enough in some cases. At Eye Center of La Jolla, we offer the most novel technique available for eliminating these growths. Pterygium surgery causes little to no pain and does not require stitches, which can irritate the eye.

Eye Center of La Jolla offers San Diego patients not only vision correction procedures, including bladeless LASIKrefractive lens exchange and cataract surgery, but also pterygium surgery, which may also improve the quality of your vision. The procedure results in the elimination of the abnormal tissue plaguing the clear or cornea. Unlike with more outdated versions of the surgery, today's modern approach doesn't involve stitches, has a low recurrence rate and most patients are able to get back to work in just a few days.

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