We Make LASIK in San Diego & La Jolla Easy!

Start Seeing Clearly. Get 20/20 Vision With LASIK.

We Make LASIK in San Diego and La Jolla Easy!The first step: A FREE initial consultation

A board certified, ophthalmologist will meet with you, ask you a few questions, perfrom a number of tests on your eyes and then, if you are a good candidate show you our plan to restore your vision. That's right, you’ll meet with an actual physician, unlike most of the other San Diego LASIK practices. At Eye Center of La Jolla, your care is always in the hands of a board certified medical doctor and never handed down to a technician or counselor. This is also your chance to interview us, get all your questions answered and make sure you are comfortable at the Eye Center of La Jolla. There is absolutely no obligation for this visit and you can come in wearing your contacts.

To schedule a free evaluation, call (858) 457-2220. (M-F 8-5) or book it online 24/7.

The second step: Your custom LASIK measurements

While at the initial visit, we looked at the front of the eye. During the next visit, for your custom LASIK measurements, we dilate your eyes and perform a very thourough examination to make sure everything is OK in front, back and everywhere. We use the entire spectrum of our medical expertise and we are able to rule you out if anything out of the ordinary would make LASIK unsafe for you.

The final step: Your LASIK procedure

On the day of your procedure, you are with us for about an hour and in the laser suite for about 15 minutes of that time. You’ll need a driver afterwards, because of sedation we can not allow you to leave even in a taxi. We’ll provide you with something to help you relax and once you get home we suggest you rest and relax. Taking a nap is an execellent idea. Later that evening you should be seeing pretty well and really great the next morning.

Start today, with a FREE consultation!

Quite often during the follow up examinations, we hear from our patients expressing regret for not having had LASIK sooner, so don't wait another day. Schedule your free evaluation NOW! Call 858-457-2220 or book online today.

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